Half-orc can be chosen as a PC race. Pages 49, 50, and 51 of The Complete Book of Humanoids gives more detailed rules and background information on the half-orc race. Here are the basics players need to follow to play a half-orc character:

Ability Score Adjustments: +1 St, +1 Con, -2 Cha.

Hit Dice: Per character class.

Ability Score Range: St 6 Min/18 Max,
Dex 3 Min/17 Max,
Con 13 Min/19 Max,
Int 3 Min/17 Max,
Wis, 3 Min/14 Max,
Cha 3 Min/12 Max.

Classes and Maximum Levels Available:

Fighter, up to 10th level. (Single-classed can rise to 11th level with St of 18/00, 12th at 19 St, 14th at 20 St, and 17th at 21 St. )
Cleric, up to 4th. (Can rise to 7th if single-classed.)
Rogue, up to 8th. (Can rise to 11th if single-classed.)

Special Abilities: Infravision 60’. Common and Orc are free starting languages.


Players can pick the winged elf (Avariel) as a character race.

Here are basics for that race, and more information can be found here: avariel

Their ability adjustments are -2 Con, due to their hollow bones, and +2 Dex for their speed.

They get all normal elven benefits as per the Player’s Handbook, except they get the following bonuses with weapons: +1 with lasso, bolo, or sword.

They can attack with a wing buffet attack that does 1d4 points of damage.

See the link above for other traits (flying, claustrophobia, fear of fire, eye sight, classes allowed).

If any questions arise, Avariel defaults to a Grey or Moon elf from the Player’ Handbook.

NOTE: These are rare creatures, so if more than one player wishes to play an avariel, some connection between the avariel characters must be established (family members, part of a clan that has some connection to the campaign’s main theme, outcasts from the same clan, etc.)


Initiative is rolled once per encounter by each player and the DM on 1d10. Actions go from “1” to “10” in a combat round.

Spells go off on their caster’s turn in the initiative order, if they take less than a round to cast. If a spell takes a full round to cast, it goes off at the caster’s turn in the initiative order in the next round.

Elemental Wizard from the Tome of Magic can be chosen as a character class.

Here is a link to information on Elemental Wizards:

Elemental Wizards


A player can choose to play a specialty priest of a specific deity. Information on specialty priests can be found in the Forgotten Realms Adventures source book.


New Spheres for Cleric spells are available. New spells using these spheres are in the Tome of Magic.

Here is a list of these Spheres: Chaos, Law, Numbers, Thought, Time, Travelers, War, Wards


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