Blades of the Sword Coast

Adventure in the Ardeep Forest

Description/Plot: In the weeks following the Time of Troubles, strange occurrences still plague the Forgotten Realms. Your trainers and teachers entrust you with a mission that could throw you in the thick of an area of wild magic that has been reported in the Ardeep Forest, a few miles outside of Waterdeep.

The bounds of reality itself are frayed in areas of wild magic, and if there is such a place of chaos in the Ardeep, the dangers it creates could threaten the safety of Waterdeep itself.

Players can create a 1st-level non-evil/non Chaotic Neutral PC using the rules in the AD&D 2nd Edition Player’s Handbook, or use a character created by the DM. Characters used in this game can be used in an AD&D 2nd Edition campaign I hope to run one day during the regular Wednesday NEPA D&D sessions.

For players who have access to the Tome of Magic and/or the Forgotten Realms Adventures hardback book, you can pick spells from them or play an Elemental Wizard or Specialty Priest.


Common rumors about the Ardeep Forest:

Creatures recently reported to be seen in the Ardeep Forest (besides deer, fox, hawks, voles, etc.): wolves, wild dogs, lynx – some as big as a mastiff hound, rattlesnakes, leaping lizards (as big as hunting dogs), will o’ the wisps or “ghost lights”, stirges, goblins, ogres, and one drunken woodsman swears there are talking trees, vines with eyes and mouths, and a unicorn that sings. But nobody believes old Cyrus anyway.

Warring tribes of goblins make their homes near the dark center of the forest. Each is led by ogres (or some say a wise troll rules one of the tribes). One tribe is known as the ghost-tribe, since they make use of costumes and paints to make themselves appear to be undead.

A swirling pool of sparkling magical energy moves about the forest, spreading chaos wherever it goes. Faint gnomish music or the screams of children can be heard from it. Some say the smell of a halfling’s pipe or a black dragon’s breath accompanies the pool. Insanity befalls the man who looks into this pool.

The moon elves who once called this old forest their home abandoned it decades ago, but to protect it they left behind magical protectors who allow only those of good heart and pure Elven blood to pass freely.

Somewhere deep in this forest is the overgrown tomb of Reluraun, a warrior hero
of the elves, who is said to lie in his vault clad in magical elfin chain mail, with
a mighty dragon-slaying sword upon his breast. According to legend, the tomb is
not unattended; magical creatures guard Reluraun’s remains.

“Ardeep” was the name of the western region of the ancient Fallen Kingdom, and now gives this forest its name.


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