Blades of the Sword Coast

Travel South

1st session, on-going campaign, 5/9/2012

The party is hired by a group of nobles who sent their children south to a fortress overseen by priests and paladins of Torm. The children should have returned to Waterdeep three weeks ago, and the party must go see what fate may have befallen the children and return them safely to Waterdeep and their worried families.

The fort is nestled near the woods of the Trollclaw Hills, near the dread ruins of Dragonspear Castle.

Along the way, the party stopped-over in the town of Daggerford to rest and escape the rains. In the town they found a brief welcome in The Lucky Mermaid tavern. That is, until a fierce brawl broke out, in part due to the party meeting and confronting a half-elf named Skyvar. Skyvar seemed to know a little too much about the children and the fortress. Not giving up much information, Skyvar met his ultimate fate, taking whatever secrets he held to the grave.

Clost to the ruins of Dragonspear Castle, the party encountered and routed a group of cave men, savages from ages past. A wizard named Tiberius claims that a magical gate produces strange creatures if something is thrown through it first – and that is where the savage cavemen came from, he says.

The party saw a part of Tiberius’ home in the ruins before venturing further toward the fort.

Once near the woods around the fort, the group met several woodsmen (and a sword-wielding maiden) who tell of a dozen of their children who have been abducted by the priests of the fort.

With one of the woodsmen (Baeron) guiding them, the party comes to the fortress and spot a guard in a tower. And it is clear that this guard has spotted them …



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